What is up.

I’m glad Demonoid is back, now I can get all the music I want and not have to deal with TPB. Users are more helpful and the limited access makes for a better experience, plus I don’t have to deal with “Our database did something bad” and “Search engine overloaded” since the user base is so much smaller.  I tried logging into Wikipedia with either of my accounts, neither of which I can remember the passwords for. I haven’t gotten my login for the eRepublik wiki, sigh.

Switching from Apple Mail to Thunderbird 3.0, and in the process I realized my Address Book is completely empty. After an import from gmail, I have a long list of incomplete entries. Good thing it’s winter break.

Memories can be a bitch.

Today I wore shorts because my car doesn’t have breaks, which means I can’t drive any where. I’m open for having visitors during the day…

Looks like at least half of my schedule is guaranteed to be enjoyable this spring.

As you can see, at this point, my mind is only capable of stringing together prevalent thoughts without decent transitions or elaboration. It’s 01:11 and I’m going to bed.

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