End-of-semester look-back

I may be tired tomorrow, but I don’t feel like going to bed right now.

Tomorrow is the last day of class this semester, then I have four finals: two on Monday and two on Thursday. I’ll probably be leaving for home some time Thursday evening or Friday afternoon depending on how many people are left and how I feel about staying.

This semester has been pretty good to me so far. I know I have an A in statistics, unix, theatre and marching band. The only class I’m not sure whether or not I’m on the verge of getting a B in is my second C++ class. I like the class, but a few of the assignments were completely a pain in the ass.

I like having all the tools to complete a problem before I’m given the problem, this then means that I only have to wrap my mind around the issue and find a solution. I wish I felt like that when I sit down to do an assignment for my C++ class, instead I grapple with the topics that pile up quicker than I can digest them. More than half of the time I devote to coding is instead spent trying to figure out how use the syntax and key words instead of solving the problem.

I had doubts about my theater 203 class. Right from the beginning my professor told us that we were to read four plays, write a play, and then act as a member of a group to produce and perform a play. Greg (one of my roomies) described the class as an easy A, with all the concepts presented, but without all the excess information crammed into the syllabus. *shrugs* My tests amounted to one B and the rest A’s.. so I won’t complain too much. The one test question I sincerely thought was ridiculous asked how many actors were in a play I had seen almost two weeks before the test. Was I really supposed to recall every actor?

How can there be people outside to make so much noise?

At thanksgiving my Uncle, who works at Northrup Grumman said I should get him my resume. Now that would be a great place to work, even if it’s for the summer. I’d much rather work there learning, instead of at AMC or somewhere in the food service industry. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t put on this earth to serve you. Get your own damn food.


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