Why do I need a title?

I’m listening to The Postal Service on my iPod with the earbuds that came with the device. the infernal things always fall out of my ears. Every few minutes I have to stick them back in. To my right is our old CRT monitor displaying a spybot scan. One of my mom’s co-workers has been having computer trouble and I’ve been going at it all day, figuring out what’s wrong with the thing. After several failed attempts to rectify the problem I finally looked up Windows Enterprise Suite on Google. Big surprise, it’s malware, and a big pain to remove. The only way to get it, is to physically click on the pop-up, go to the website to download it, actually download it, then go through the full install process, and then you have one f’d up computer. I shake my head at how little people actually know about computers.

The perfect operating system for those who know nothing about computers, is Linux, and the only people who know about Linux are the tech-savvy. There are more versions of Linux than one can shake four hundred sticks at, but a simple google search can give you the name of the most popular. Ubuntu, recently updated to version 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the easiest and most intuitive version of Linux that I’ve used. Either that or Mint, which is like a cousin from the same family. Here are the reasons I would like to push many non-savvy users to consider it:

-There are no viruses.
-It’s free.
-They will ship you a CD for free.
-You can still browse the internet.
-You can still get all your email.
-It comes with Solitaire.
-You can play music.
-There’s support for portable media devices
-You can’t ‘f it up by using limewire
-Better yet, you can’t use limewire!

I’ll bet you use a computer every day and I challenge you to name one thing that I use every day, that I have no clue how to maintain or use effectively. Go ahead, try me.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am indeed at home. Coming home always fills me with the impending sense of loss, as if I’m wasting my time. Not doing something here strikes me much harder than it does at school.


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