To-Do List

Halo 3
-Complete the campaign on Legendary

Halo 3 ODST
-Get 200,000 points in every firefight map
-Complete the campaign on legendary

Halo Wars
-Complete the entire campaign on co-op

Guild Wars EOTN
-Actually beat it with the help of some friends

Hitchhiker’s Guide
-Complete the series

-Complete one for possible internships over the summer



At holidays I invariably end up sitting alone somewhere, isolating myself from the noise. Today was me in the basement watching the high definition TV instead of upstairs with everyone else. This year was Thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family, but without my two uncles, their wives and each of their two kids. Family gatherings aren’t the same without everyone there.

My beard is getting itchy, I really want to shave it off tomorrow.

Since I’ve gotten home, I downloaded two episodes of House, nine episodes of Dirty Jobs, a few music albums, and now I’m working on getting Star Trek and The Big Bang Theory season 2. If I could do that at school, it’d severely impact my productivity.

I’m so far behind on my podcasts, over the past week or so they’ve built up to 24 unlistened-to files.

Tomorrow being black Friday will mean the second birthday of my MacBook. It’s been a good two years, and I hope for another two to come.

Why do I need a title?

I’m listening to The Postal Service on my iPod with the earbuds that came with the device. the infernal things always fall out of my ears. Every few minutes I have to stick them back in. To my right is our old CRT monitor displaying a spybot scan. One of my mom’s co-workers has been having computer trouble and I’ve been going at it all day, figuring out what’s wrong with the thing. After several failed attempts to rectify the problem I finally looked up Windows Enterprise Suite on Google. Big surprise, it’s malware, and a big pain to remove. The only way to get it, is to physically click on the pop-up, go to the website to download it, actually download it, then go through the full install process, and then you have one f’d up computer. I shake my head at how little people actually know about computers.

The perfect operating system for those who know nothing about computers, is Linux, and the only people who know about Linux are the tech-savvy. There are more versions of Linux than one can shake four hundred sticks at, but a simple google search can give you the name of the most popular. Ubuntu, recently updated to version 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the easiest and most intuitive version of Linux that I’ve used. Either that or Mint, which is like a cousin from the same family. Here are the reasons I would like to push many non-savvy users to consider it:

-There are no viruses.
-It’s free.
-They will ship you a CD for free.
-You can still browse the internet.
-You can still get all your email.
-It comes with Solitaire.
-You can play music.
-There’s support for portable media devices
-You can’t ‘f it up by using limewire
-Better yet, you can’t use limewire!

I’ll bet you use a computer every day and I challenge you to name one thing that I use every day, that I have no clue how to maintain or use effectively. Go ahead, try me.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am indeed at home. Coming home always fills me with the impending sense of loss, as if I’m wasting my time. Not doing something here strikes me much harder than it does at school.

My View

I want to preface this with an exclaimer, if you want to argue with me on a point, I’ll only do so intelligently. If you don’t like my opinion, I’ll tell you right now, that I don’t really care. If you have a reason, then I’m interested.

This is my view of the world as of late.

Stop begin such attention whores. Aren’t there better ways to find fulfillment than to sell yourself out or pull an outrageous stunt? There are so many indications of the impending social decay. No one uses grammar properly, very few individuals even spell out every word fully, and I refuse to reply to anyone that feels they can ask me: wats up?

This word is unknown to me, this “wats”. Are you asking about watts, simply leaving out the second “t” and apostrophe? If so, to what end will knowing, watt’s up, suit you? If you want to know, “what’s up”, then ask me something specific. I don’t do well with small-talk and you won’t do well with the smart-ass reply I’ll probably give you. I like talking about subjects with substance. Talking about the weather is ridiculous, because it changes everyday and it’s quite evident to me what it’s like. I consider myself a fairly observant person, chances are I’ll already know what the weather is like. Don’t tell me it’s a nice day, I’ll be the judge of that. I might even take offense and assume you’re insulting my intelligence by stating the obvious, if you’re lucky, that is.

The U.S. needs to get going on a single-payer non-profit health insurance system and do something about the national debt. Is it really that difficult to stop spending so much money on “defense” (which to me seems more like “offense”)? The U.K has a single system run by NHS, emulate it.

SPeaking of healthcare, I’ve noticed that a fair number of people wear glasses. It’s too bad our race threw evolution out the window a long time ago. Vision is corrected, disorders are sorted out and survival of everyone permeates from coast to coast. Medical aid is provided for the stupid, the poor are forced to go without care because they haven’t the money to pay for it, it’s as if those with money are in possession of the necessary traits to perpetuate our race. Screw decent vision, or physical fitness, it’s all about money. Crack your skull due to a moment of poor judgement, it’s all good, we’ll fix you up. Have eight kids? We’ll stick you on a TV show. Don’t have the skills to do something useful, it’s okay, we’ll make a job for you, be a telemarketer.

Wow, are politicians ignorant. Should ignorant individuals be legislating and accepting lobby money from large corporations? Net neutrality should be a good thing. How come the internet isn’t open and unregulated” What’s all this garbage with bandwidth caps and limitations?

How do you define fulfillment? Will you search for happiness or create your own?

While sitting in the corner theatre last night to watch a required theatrical performance for my THeA 203 class, I got to thinking about how much of my life I let passively walk right by me. I have these moments of intense self-awareness when I feel as though I’m waking up from being asleep for weeks at a time. Routine is what kills the mind, no need to think or be creative when week after week is the same. That may have been the intended reaction to the play, but I only came tot hat conclusion because the entire production felt flimsy and a waste of my time.

A few pet-peeves:

– If you can’t pick up your feet when you walk, don’t wear those god-aweful fuzzy boots.
– If you can’t use the proper ” your” for the situation, don’t expect me to respect you.
– There’s almost no excuse for misspelled words, are you really too lazy to use spell-check?
– People listening to music on their cellphones. Does everyone want to hear tinny rap music drift across a crowded hallway? I don’t.
– The cost of owning a cell phone.
– Television ads.
– Flash
– Facebook